Missing pet phone broadcast system

Just saw a cute little dog wandering around the car park at our office. Obviously owned and loved by someone. Completely clueless too, as he was going up to everyone and wagging his tail at us.

So how do we let the owner know? I checked his collar and there was no number to call. This got me thinking.

If I was able to, I’d create a free app where a picture and a description of the missing dog could be relayed to everyone who has the app and is within a certain set of cellphone masts.

Select the area where you found or lost your pet and this would be broadcast to everyone who has that app within that specific area.

1 major sponsor would be enough. Pedigree chum or purina would be an obvious choice.

Might also be a public service sponsored app, in the case of missing people.

You could even open it up to broadcast all sorts of crap to people in your area.



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In the end there was only two of us left.
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