Abstraction-based Book summarization App for €0.99

Based on the ISBN, this system will summarise all content contained in the purchased document and create an abstract.

Too lazy to read the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine?  Type in the ISBN-13: 978-0199232178 into our cheap and cheerful app and bang heres a generous summary of the entire book. Maybe not as useful for Medical Students as it might be for School projects.

Copyright question may hinder the apps legality, because is a machine based summary of copyrighted material owned by the copyright holder? I dont think so, but I could be wrong.

The app would work like this. Buy the app and input the ISBN code. If someone else has purchased this summary then the summary is free to everyone else.

If it’s a new book that hasnt been processed, there will be an additional charge 0f €0.49 as this can be justified by the primary goal to summarize every book on the planet. It means that the more people who use the app and pay for one or 2 summaries the more free summaries will be available in the future.




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