Automoton Cat or Dog food – moveable meat treats

Lady Gaga as petfood

Would you let your cat chase this automaton around?

There’s an ad on the telly right now, I think it’s on Channel 4 where they offer a clean bowl guarantee, which presumably would mean the animal will lick the bowl clean. How you could prove the animal left a few chunks of this tasty brown squidge, and reclaim your money is another discussion. It did get me thinking though!

Could we create carnivore animal food they have to chase around and catch in order to eat it. Gats love mice for instance. Coud we create mice shaped bites that are a “bugger” to catch? It would bring back a sense of the hunter killer instinct we’ve practically bred out now, (evidence that cats and dogs are becoming human is all over the internet.)

The challenge therefore is to devise a gyroscopic motor that’s constructed entirely from meat, and is totally edible.


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