Window Shopping – point and buy system for shop windows and High St stores

HMVNow that HMV has joined the ranks of failed bricks and mortar retailers, with the blame laid at Amazon’s door (not as simple as that unfortunately) This proposed system will allow passers by to buy whatever they see in the window. Maybe not just the window either.

Let’s imagine that a shop has no sales counter whatsoever, but it has staff on the floor, and you wander around its utterly random product selection with your phone in your hand and you click the buy button and its sent immediately to your address.

A retailer could then keep the shopfloor full of the bargains they offer which are not available from their website, but at almost cost price, which would keep people coming to the High St once again for the ultimate bargains, and also support the brand and some jobs too. An ultimate browsing experience, without having to queue to pay.

Maybe the likes of Amazon could open their first 3D retail experience in such a way.


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