Wet Concrete Advertising Company – Permanent Ads in concrete

The temptation is always there, even in this balding 42 year old to scrawl “B-Heart G-True-4-EVER!!!!” on a freshly poured area of concrete the “Men” have so carefully patted, scraped, shaped and fashioned. They may even have placed warning signs and bollards all around this fresh grey canvass, to prevent such morons from defacing their artwork. But when concrete is so permanent when it sets, and impressions made on it are also so permanent, why not sell space on the concrete before it sets?

How would this advertising business look like and what objections would there be? I presume the local council would have to give consent. We’d need a way to make the “impression machine” probably in the form of a stencil, perhaps 3d printing could come in here again and print off the exact design words etc for the impressing ad for “Bill’s Sex Toy Shop, just around the corner.” Then we’d need to find an advertisor. Then we’d need an in with concrete pouring companies. Easy!

Maybe we could coax the council to allow us to impress Public Safety Messages like

“To avoid bumping into other people availing of this pavement please avoid reading any messages impressed on this pavement.”


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