The HipClip – a Hip carrying baby plastic slip on unit

I took my youngfella out the other day, and forgot his buggy, all I was doing was looking to buy some milk. He’s still struggling with the whole bipedalatry at the moment so instead of letting him crawl around the road and into the shop, I had to carry him, on my hip. He’s a good hefty 14 month old lump. A classical crawler, and that does him fine thank you very much, as walking is too much of a bother for him at the moment.

So having this wriggling pup on your hip trying to carry a crate of cans, milk and other assorted consumables is a challenge and plays havoc with my right arm. I believe that I am certainly in the market for some typ of clip on to your hip plastic seat that isnt a hippy style curtain. No this is a fairly discreet plastic shaped thing and he justs sits on it and his weight is more evenly distributed to my hips, and not my arm.

The HipClip is what I’d call it.

So what I’d like to know is how to fasten it to myself? Could it be like some type of belt with a bicycle seat attached to it? Or a moulded plastic thing with a flap seat that hooks on to the belt loops of my jeans? That would work, but it would precude any skirt wearers.

I’ll get back to you on the design I think.


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