Wave at the light you want off or on.

This set up is devised to get rid of the “ugly, or unsightly” light switches on all walls. It’s also devised to resolve the problem of remembering which switch, switches off which light. I have that problem, maybe I’m alone in this perturbing predicament, but I’m not sure.

If the lights in the ceiling had a mini “kinect” box that could read your movement, then the light would go on or off, if of course it had some infra red night vision built in as well, if it’s dark.

OK I’m getting extremely expensive here now, with a kinect box and a night vision sensor on every light. And in the world of commerce, a new way to do things only works if the new set up is cheaper than the old way.

Could the light switches be colour coded to let you know which one is which perhaps? Could they be voice activated. I know some probably are.

My challenge to you though is to devise a cheaper system to switch on or off lights, without using a standard switch.

let me know how you get on woriordan@gmail.com


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