Weird Smell location device – with danger diagnostics

My wife and I are puzzled, and slightly sickened to be honest. Everytime we walk up the stairs there’s a werird smell coming from somewhere. Then it shifts to another location in the kitchen. So we know the general area of the smell, it’s not strong, its kind of sour and it comes and goes, and relocates to different places arounf the kitchen, hall, stairs area.

I’ve suggested it could be a new breed of zombie rat, thats actually undead and staggering around, but its creepy zombie rat flesh is beginning to stink. Must ask George A. Romero if zombie flesh starts to smell after a while?

Anyway, perhaps the weird smell location device would be something for us. It would need to have some type of chemical analysis system that sucks air over a replaceable diagnostic patch, and as you get closer to the cause of the smell the chemical starts to react more with the compounds that are being released by the object, thus indicating (or getting more excited) as you get closer.

It probably also should advise you if its a gas leak or something, which would be the Danger diagnostic. “Get the fuck out this place is gonna blow”


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2 Responses to Weird Smell location device – with danger diagnostics

  1. said wife says:

    Really! Every detail of our life does not need a problem solving tool or to be discussed on the internet at all.

  2. jimbaker says:

    Hi, read about your stinky dilemma. Similar thing happened to me some years back. On the landing in our modest semi, a fishy smell haunted us. we tried everything to locate it, from crawling on hands and knees around the floor to sniffing up and down the wallpaper. We scoured the attic for dead rodents or birds, nothing.
    Months passed and we were driven demented by by foul stench. In a twist of faith and by absolute coincidence, a throw away comment at a bar one night sparked a conversation which led to a piece of advice that solved our stinky problem. The ‘rose’ {a plastic light bulb fitting that holds the bulb} after a time, omits a smell that’s very akin to fish. Apparently the heat from the bulb causes a reaction in the material and over time the smell gets worse and worse. This may not solve your particular problem, but I hope it may help someone.

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