Customised and Bespoke breathing masks for hospital patients

Bill's freshly printed facemask

Bill’s freshly printed facemask

I know a baby who suffers from sleep apnea, and his little chin is too small to trust that a breathing mask they considered he could wear at night, to keep him breathing, will remain in place. So instead of actually getting a mask that fits his face, they’re going to cut into his trachea and he’ll be breathing through a hole in his throat for the next year or so.

Jesus Christ I said to myself, incredulously! So they decided that its a better option to cut into his little throat just because no one is making a mask that will fit him properly!

Now I’m sure the surgical intervention they’re now proposing is probably way more professional and complicated than that, and I do have a healthy respect for the medical profession, two of my siblings are up to their oxters in it.

But it got me thinking! Could there be a very practical use for a 3D printer on every ward, that doesnt print out stupid iphone cases and dongles for your keys? How about a printer and face scanner set up that will print off a new mask for every patient that fits their face, and its theirs for the duration of their stay? And its perfectly formed for that patient?

Well there you go now as we say in this part of the world.


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