OxyProducts – Products that are deliberately designed to not do what they’re supposed to

We all know what an Oxymoron is. Well we do when we conduct a superfast copy and paste into a search engine. Here’s the definition in case you’re that lazy, I even added a link for those less lazy people who can click links. See I try to do as much as I can for you.

“An oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms. Or Try this one 

We’ve all bought OxyProducts, I have even deliberately searched for products that are never going to work.

Earlier I thought that Graphene could make for a useless doorstop, so a lump of Graphene thats been processed to look like a doorstop, and sold as a non door stopping doorstop, could be an example of an OxyProduct.

I bought screw drivers once from a hawker, where the handle turned but the actual driver didnt. An OxyProduct, if ever there was one

Once I bought a bag of white powder form a respectable person outside Copenhagens Central Station, definitely an OxyProduct, which was very disappointing at the time.

So lets say that a lot of stuff we buy could be Oxy


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