Thick Skin T Shirts – To Guard and Protect our Kids from Bullies

Anti Bully ShieldI despair when I hear that young kids have no other way to deal with taunting & bullying than to take their own lives. Pictures of the dead kids, in happier times then proliferate the media for a day or two and life goes on for us. But their families only have these pictures, and the horror that a group, or a person had been drilling into their child in such a way that they decided to take their own life. And they probably didnt know how they were feeling until now, and now they can’t help, they’re gone. Fucking hell!

What is a thick skin? Is it something that we could give to people to protect them from Bullies? I believe that it is. A thick skin is a state of mind or a state of thought which could protect you from any slight or insult. A magic shield if you will.

Even before I find out that someone I love is being tortured by some bunch of pricks, I will give them a T Shirt that will 100% protect them from the effects of bullying.

Every day when my children are dressing, I’ll instill it into them that when they wear the T Shirt they remember that no matter what happens, and what they think they should do, touch the T Shirt first and talk to Dad, or Mam.

You might not be able to see the torment your child is suffering, until it’s too late, so give them a Thick Skin T shirt just in case.

To order the T Shirt below, get in touch with me

At €19.99 its full protective wear for you child,


Put this on your kids everyday and remind them to fight back from the Bullies


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