Electric birthday candles – for helicopter parents

Electric Candles, Without Blow-Out Function

Electric Candles, Without Blow-Out Function

Fire! FIRE! Its such a primal thing. To watch things burn. Flags, Effigies, stuff that melts, money perhaps, it certainly burns a hole in my pocket.

However as a concerned hovering parent I feel traditional candle on cake celebrations are way too dangerous for my little darlings. Therefore I’m proposing a new type of electric candle that looks and feels like the real thing.

More than likely such a contraption is on the internet somewhere, but I’d invent it with artificial smoke, flickering and a breath sensor that forces it to extinguish when it’s blown on. Just like the real thing only it doesnt set things on fire. Perhaps one could reverse engineer the artificial cigs they are peddling at the moment.

To start off my Electric Candle empire I could go to Alibaba and order a few thousand of their attempts at $0.25 a piece.

Fuckin hell thats cheap! Parents would pay $6.00 for one of these for their 1 yr old.



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