Dog shit from shoe sole removal device (dont try to say this phrase fast)

Shit from sole removal deviceDog owners should be shot! However if they pick up their dogs shit after them, or at least put some sort of nappy on them I’ll allow them to live in Connaught, or Hell, whichever is warmer.

Today I read about a woman who has invented a way to clean the spouts in our childrens “Sippy Cups” Great I thought! Although it’s basically a pipe cleanerwith a plastic handle. See

But way more necessary, especially in Ireland, is a way to clean off the dog shit thats been spreading around the country like some sort of Canine diarrohea epidemic.

The biggest problem is the grooves in the shoe sole. I’ve used matches in the past to tease out the disgusting mess, but what about a sole shaped box where you step your messed up shoe into and presto, perfectly clean & disinfected shoes.

It could even be used at peoples front doors, instead of a welcome mat, a please disinfect your foul soles here before you sully my perfectly cleaned just flashed floor.

It could work by suction perhaps, creating a pressure differential between the internal pad and the grooves in your shoe, sucking the shit out in that way? Or it could be some type of brush mechanism? But that could only have an 80% shit removal success rate.

So there you go something for you to mull over.

Let me know how you could solve this shit problem



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