The Third Hand – A Device to give you exactly that

As a species we are perhaps the most versatile, adaptable creatures that have ever stepped across the hardened surface of a boiling ball in the outskirts of nowhere.

Yet weve invented so many things to make life easier, I’m surprised we havent got around to making some flexible type holding implement that is versatile enough for home use?

I try to do things in my awkward way with the 2 hands I’ve been given, but sometimes, for example, emptying the left over slop from a curry pot into the bin, a third hand would really come in handy. By holding the pot close to the bin it would keep it steady whlie you scrape the shit out, and not let the heavy pot slip from one of your hands and the curry slop gets all over the side and floor.

Really a third hand could do things like holding a bag open while you use your 2 real hands to dump shit into. It could prop things up while you rest your hands. It could hold things up or open primarily.

My vision is for it would be like a “Swiss Army Knife” (no pun intended) where fittings could be opened out and perform a holding task for you.

My first prototype here:

Third Hand

Third Hand Device Prototype


About flyflaps

In the end there was only two of us left.
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