Made it to No.1 in the UK Charts

Despite the fact that I’m giving it away for free, there is still a small sense of satisfaction in reaching the number 1 slot (in Small Business & Entrepreneurship admittedly) for free kindle content. I even beat 49 Quick Ways to Market Your Business for Free: An Instant Guide to Marketing Success, by Sarah-Jane White. Obviously thats a much better book than the rubbish I’m giving away, but still…

I Always wanted to be number 1 in the UK charts, any chart.

What about a new personal chart where you can put yourself at number 1, in anything. It’s your chart so you can be number 1. What an achievement eh! No. 1 this week in the  Rubbish Putting Out Chart. The RPO chart, of course:

“…and straight in at number 1 this week on the RPO Chart we have an absolute winner of a putter outer, Bill and his fabulous door opening and slinging out parade.”


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In the end there was only two of us left.
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