Pneumatic tubes and the internet – the next phase of ecommerce?

Ah the wonderful world of late 19th Century pneumatic delivery. It was once speculated that a system of tubes might deliver mail to every home in the US. A major network of tubes was in use in Paris  until 1984, and there is still a 60 mile tube delivery system still operating in Prague.

Wouldnt it be great if one could order stuff online and it was delivered to you via a tube within seconds? BigMac meal at home? Whoomp! There it is with a satisfying “ding” at the mouth of the pipe, for effect.

So off we could go and start this gigantic trillion euro infrastructure project of pneumatic delivery tubes and pipes all over the country.

BUT just as we start it up, some fucker comes up with the one for all at home, print anything, 3-d printer, where you order something online and it prints it off over a few days in your garage or whatever.

In fact thats the real future of e-commerce. If I have interpreted a recent presentation from Kia Silverbrook correctly.


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