Sound Locator & Sound Discerner – or the other way around

Could our technology for sound reception and interpretation have come to the point right now that we could locate that house alarm that continues through the night via a phone app? There is or rather was, we’ve moved now, a house near us whose alarm continued through the night in a constant distant wail, keeping my mind occupied with the wave pattern, wooo wooo wooo, my whole conciousness would map the wave and in fact I’d wave right there in the bed.

Is there a need for an app that will locate a specific sound and provide clues as to where its emenating from, and at the same time search an aural database for a corelation? For example I could fucus on the sound, and get the result 1972 Zetor Tractor, in Second gear, perhaps?

This is what I’ve found out there so far:

So it’s probably possible to adapt old military techniques to GoogleMaps, and also connect to various sound databases that will interpret the sound, and try to narrow down whats causing it. This is a much tougher technique as sound is distorted over distance.

Still anyone want to help out here. In fact off you go, I’m only here to present the issue, its you’re bag to actually check to see if it could be done. I only got a 2.2 degree in history & philosopy, so I’m not much practical help here.


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