New Websites & what I’d do with them

It’s all about the niche with websites these days. You either do one thing well, like some form of calculator, unfortunately they are relatively abundant now, or you could go the porn route, well that ship sailed years ago, and the last time I looked at porn fashion it was still the same, naked people copulating and eating genitals like its going out of fashion.

Social Meedja is so last decade that few investors will fork out for a community site, ever again, some might though.

So what kind of sites would I invent, what with all these inventions I try to push on you 3 people who’ve ever visited this site? I had an idea for an irish website a while back, which if your Irish and failed to learn any Gaeilge from 9 years of forced schooling and beatings, you will just about recognise its the Irish for balls. In other words, or domains perhaps it would be  Site would sell every known sport ball that has ever been manufactured, played with or admired (tickled) We would even include a hand made camel scrotum stress ball, with hair.

There is a site which I link to in the hope they will will return the favour. Not that it matters now with this new Penguin issue on Google, which I for one am glad about, despite not knowing much about search algorithims. Green is a wonderful colour apparently. However this site would sell every known item that has ever been coloured green, in all it’s millions of shades. I’d even style the site with a very retro early 1990’s style but it would be just a nod to the early page pioneers.

Tagline: “If you like it but would prefer it in green, then go to”

I’ll add more later, thats 2 free ones for now.

Disclaimer I dont own anything, so I certainly dont own these domains above.


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