Cigarette Butts on Gravel Vaccum up Attachment

Having smoked over a million cigarettes in the past 26 years, or therabouts, and having tossed at least half of them into the gravel outside the office I use to write this, (nonsense – yeah I hear ya!)  Lets face it smokers are dirty careless fuckers, who if they cared at all would refrain from smoking anywhere. But despite the hard evidence and the signs all over the place to toss your sucked dirty crap into the bins provided, they (we) don’t.

Therefore I believe that there is a need for a new attachment for external vacuum cleaners that will suck up the cigg ends from gravelled areas without taking up the expensive decorative gravel the building maintenance people spend so much time maintaining.

My idea here would be to either adjust the power of the suction to lift the cigarettes without lifting the gravel, or create a mesh that blocks the gravel from entering the collection of cigarette butts, or perhaps a combination of the two techniques.

Attachments to existing technology is always a better otion in my limited opinion than creating a whole new stand alone device.

Could one then create some after market in used tobacco, where all the leftover bits of tobacco can be reused as “Second Hand Smokes” for half the price?

Lets face it if you’re a smoker you have, at least once taken the leftovers and rerolled them to get you through till the 7 11 opens or some other retail chain that is the only place you can get cigs at that hour.

Maybe the Dirty Fags Gravel Sucker Upper ? Eh! Maybe not


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