Advertising message instead of a ring tone

I believe the normal ringtone is too old hat. Beeep beeep! or Ring ring etc, we all know the sound of a ring tone. It’s boring, but I guess it is what it is, and hearing the tone is something we as a species have become used to. Bill’s idea factory wants to change all that, disruption at any price.

The hunt for a platform to push product & services to trapped audiences, is a bit of a holy grail. However I think that if we could replace the ring tone with jingles advertising, we could create an ad sounds platform which as usual only advertises where the closest Mackie Dee’s is. But maybe, just maybe we could advertise where one could pick up a pair of nearly new Dolph Lundgren endorsed yellow paisley Y-Fronts at a knock down price, practically free in fact.

Of course the technology is advanced enough now to rent space to advertisers targeting the callers based on where they are making the call from.

Necessarily we would have to have a whats in it for me hook for the person who should be receiving the call. We could offer that mobile ad-space person free stuff, and possibly money, should one of their callers respond to the ad and make a purchase.Like AdWords maybe?

I could call it an opt in pre call advertising platform. PCAP has a certain ring… tone to it. Excuse me, sincerest punapologies I’m getting my coat right now.

But if you think this is legislatively impossible, or the sums to set it up prohibitive, or the money grabbing gets too complicated with everyone shoving their snouts into the trough, it all just falls apart, let me know.


00353879512849 (no ads on this phone yet though)


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