Lead Qualification System

Yes I know there’s probably loads of them out there.  A fabbo LQS bundled into all those CRM systems that basically offer free money posted through your letterbox, while you sip PinaColada’s and hoover up bin bags full of coke, in Tahiti. (It’s what I’d do)

However as I sift through the types of leads weve had from various marketing efforts over the last few months and 99% of them are now Dead as a Flat Fox, were they really leads?

How does one qualify contacts to the point where they are hot leads?

You can’t beat a human asking the question though. Nice and direct.

“You! Yes You Mrs or Mr Customer. You filled in this form in such and such a place, Are you interested or not?” “Answer the fucking question” you can even bark at them, thus weeding out any potential customers who do have a thick skin and finding customers with a sincere need to buy the stuff you’re peddling, that they are even willing to be insulted to get at the stuff.

Alternatively you could create a Human Interface Widget, which looks like a system but in fact is a poorly paid CS agent…


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