Always available door opening system for deliveries

It’s a perennial, dare I say daily problem for internet customers where most delivery companies work normal hours and people who buy stuff off the internet, work normal hours, so the stuff they ordered in such high tech fashion, lie in a perpetual cycle of attempts and failures to deliver. “Sorry you were out” cards are apparently one of the highest causes of apoplexy in the UK at the moment. See Guardian article

It’s the holy grail of home delivery. How can we create a way to deliver goods to homes sucessfully without having the owner occupier staying in lock down mode for days, sitting in the hall with a pair of binoculars, and a potty perhaps in the hope the goods arrive, yet when they don’t the driver still managed to deliver a “Sorry you were out” card.

I have an idea for a solution, it’s a door retrofit, but it will overnight solve all the problems of the internet delivery technology.

The door itself will be fitted with a revolving unit that can be initiated by the delivery person. Like a night safe. Esentially it’s a bigger post box.

I’m a genius.

Still if the Retailers and the delivery companies offered to add the unit to every door in the country, the pronblems of failed delivery would cease.

Mightnt work for fridges, bikes or 1 to 3 scale mini fighter jets.


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