Bring back the Horse & Cart

If the roads around the city were made of vulcanised rubber, like the running tracks on an athletic field, then with a horse and cart, the smoothness of the ride around the city would be most enjoyable.

I could see lots of drivers flying around with horses in nappies, using all modern, all aluminium frames for the cart, the horse wouldn’t even be that overburdened pulling 4 or 5 people around the city.

Believe me Horses love working, just read Animal Farm.

We would be a much nicer city, no more rushing around. Lots of trotting though.  We could even dress up as Victorians and bring back the Season and Society as it’s meant to be.

UPDATE: Yep! Certain parts of Ireland have taken to this idea with gusto.


About flyflaps

In the end there was only two of us left.
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