Rewind Radio


Rewind Radio idea by Bill O’Riordan

Always, always always, I miss the very important little detail in the weather report driving through the wind and rain to work, namely what the weekend is like. Like I give a shit what its like when I’m stuck in the office. Do the weather people deliberately read the reports in a way that sends us off to “fluffly Land” and then repeat the weather we can actually see all around us today, when we drift back into “hard knock” land?

So this idea is derived from me trying to rewind the radio to hear something thats not broadcast in “Bills place, Fluffy Land, Head.” Ah I say, cant do that on the radio like you do on the TV. Now you couldnt do this on the TV either until they realised they could record live TV on a hard drive by receiving two identical separate signals to your View Box. So surely they can do it for a radio receiver.

I know if you have a digital radio you can, but I want a plug in for my ordinary car radio.

Could we create a hard drive that records the broadcast coming through the radio. If you set it up like the clever ipod broadcasting units in some way, where the ipod plays through a specific channel on the car radio set.

We must be able to do the same with a unit you can plug into your cigarette lighter port, it receives the radio information you are tuned to and records the programme for 20 minutes or whatever, and dumps it at a point when the hard-drive is full for example. Or when you need to rewind that bit of radio you missed, the weekends weather for example, the broadcast is then coming from the hard drive.

It’s probably easier to do it if you have any clue about radios and hard-drives. But there you are a need Ive identified, and a solution and a basic idea of how the technology could be wired up.



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