Fresh bread round – Small breakfast business idea

Myself and my wife this weekend were up and went for a walk with the sqwaky smallie (rather I took the first lie in on saturday and she took the second on Sunday.) We took him out so his stomping crawling, banging and general nuisance wouldnt keep the in-bed member of the house on that given morning staring blankly at the ceiling hearing child noise, or in simpler terms awake.

ImageSo having produced lovely fresh bread for breakfast each weekend morning from our ramble, we thought wouldn’t it be great if someone would just deliver bread and milk for us at the weekends.

During the week were too busy to sit down and have a bite, all three of us. I know its not ideal, we really should be more like the TV people and sit down every morning etc etc. Unfortunately we’re just not as polished as the TV people are, and they are from another planet, anyway waking up with freshly coiffed hair and bright gleaming teeth, the fuckers. The state of us when we wake, tis like the “Wreck of The Hespah’s” I tell ya, whoever or whatever the fuck the Hespas were, following their wreckage.

I have substantially digressed here, the point is that if you wanted to earn cash, you could try this.

  1. Find a nice housing estate
  2. Collate information about the inhabitants morning routines, who gets up and walks the dog kids etc. Just dont make it look like youre a burglar or something.
  3. Print up a number of flyers, with “Fresh breakfast delivered to you every weekend” Put a menu on the flyer, and a phone number to order. They wont call, but dont worry.
  4. At this stage you wont have the money for tech like websites and ordering systems and all that, it can come later, but it is way too procrastinative, like “We need to wait until the websites up and running.” No you don’t. Start knocking on doors, an oldie but a goodie.
  5. Invest in some nice presentation baskets, or perhaps cardboard boxes that the customer can reuse with you.
  6. Deliver the goods to your first customers, if they do call.
  7. Knock on a few doors up and down from your customers and ask if they would like some fresh bread, milk etc. You could give some of this away claiming you packed too much for customer such and such up the road, and hand them a flyer as well.
  8. Then when youre getting up at 5 am to do this business, say to yourself “The early bird catches the worm” as a kind of bleary eyed mantra, that will drive your partner nuts after 10 or so years saying the same old shit every morning, why didnt I marry the doctor fella, the acne would have gone at this stage.

This is not guaranteed to get you noticed as a personal breakfast delivery business. But if you put nice blue or red gingham cloth in with the basket the customer will feel all Laura Ashley when they bring it up to the partner in bed.

Bill Delivers Breakfast


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