Narrow field SMS broadcast accept scheme for services display

So the visually disabled in Ireland have started to complain about the way information is distributed to train users. The problem appears to be that the prerecorded messages can be hard to hear, or plain wrong, the train having been used on a different line, hence completely different stops being announced. “Trian is now approaching Galway,” when in fact train was used in Galway last year an no one seems to have changed the auto announcer.


Anyway what is my solution? I propose a near field sms system that broadcasts an “accept train messages” to all phones that pass an activation beam as the owner of the device passes through the train door, then real time texts can be sent to the phones on the train, and as the person hops off the train, passing the broadcast initiation beam in the door the sevice is then cancelled.

Most visually impaired people have an app that reads the text for them. Deaf people dont have to rely on the visual displays.

The application could also work for people entering shops who may accept texts with special offers and then as they leave a goodbye & thanks for shopping message, with an auto update whenever they return to the shop.

There you go…

more ideas available in the book Fly Flaps & Other Inventions


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