I’ve been neglecting the DVD dispenser from Super Valu

This is the type of Spam shite that I like to respond to.. It came from a DVD Vending machine in my local shop, as I’d used it once or twice.. thinking it was a good idea. And they send me this shit the other day.

The phrase “It’s come to our attention is like something from the Bank…

Hi Bill,

Its come to my notice that you have not being availing of the services of the kiosk through the membership site. I hope that this is a temporary arrangement because of holidays etc.
Because of this I would like to welcome you back with your own personal coupon code for your first three night rentals to be free with this code (bil89) . I hope that you can take advantage of this offer and the added benefits of being a member of dvdease that includes,

-A weekly recommendation of new releases
-A monthly newsletter
-Regular promotions and offers
-Fantastic convenient and secure service

Email me on any comments regarding promotions that you might have. If you have any comments , please let me know. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all our users who continually help us to get better

Mobile; 087-6657985
Web Site; http://www.dvdease.ie
E-Mail; Dvdease@hotmail.com

or Visit us at Facebook


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