Prototyper that has helped. Might be more help in future. Guy is sound


I’m interested in developing a prototype for a childs toy. At the moment I’m unsure even if the idea is feasible from a basic physics perspective. However the idea is basically a scale up of products that are currently available.

As you can imagine I’m a one man band who’s skint, with a minimal grasp of engineering principles, and a niggling idea that this could work. (not very promising, I know)

However in order to interest my wife to loosen some of the nest egg, and a skill with persuading strangers to part with their cash, I’d need a very rough price on a design and prototype package?

Naturally I’d be grateful for a ball park figure, before I can even consider wasting your time. I’ve no idea how much money is needed to employ your services. Possibly in the many thousands, but it would give me something concrete to work with in the hope of finding an angel with money.

Best regards

William O’Riordan
17 Westcourt Heights



Cian O Sullivan to me

show details 17 May

Hi William,

Cian O’Sullivan here from Brightside Design.

Good to talk to you earlier.
My mobile is 087 1327880, if you want to give me a shout we can tie in next week in Clonakilty.
I’m based in Limerick , but spend a lot of time down there.

I have attached a generic NDA that we can sign to keep your design protected.
It is a standard enough document if you want to have a read through.

We can sign it when we meet anyway. It basically just states that you are about to disclose an idea to me and that all conversations and information are kept confidential




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