I’m not exactly getting this project off the ground am I.

So heres the deal, I can either invest €3000 from our savings to develop a prototype, shout out here to Cian at http://www.brightside.ie who let me know that they would be willing to help with a prototype development for the PACAS machine.

So what is it? It’s a toy. I’m not trying to take on the auto industry here all I want to create is a scooter that has a mechanism for storing energy thats pumped into it in order to carry a 10 to 15 yr old child around the house for about 10 minutes.

I havent had a chance to look at it for a while as I got bogged down looking into imnporting mozarella sticks to Ireland. Heres the breakdown of that idea:


a box of 10 individual sticks weighs 0.228 kg

“65 Boxes @ 5kg each = 130 Packets of 2.5kg” ???? GB £6.5 / Kilogram

£2112 for a pallet of 325 kg of which Individual pack = 0.228 kg

= 1425 individual packs

= £1.48 per pack wholesale.

Sell to retailer at £ 1.98

RRP = £2.99

Gross margin = £0.50 per box

Profit per pallet = £712.50


So what the f*k will I do now?

Back to the original idea I think./


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In the end there was only two of us left.
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