Discussions with suppliers have begun. Compressor is sourced

Well I must compliment the Chinese way of doing business, and a big shout out to Alibaba for their website filled with weird and wonderful stuff that can be sourced from around the world.

I sent a query through Alibaba yesterday 20 April for the LS 4024

It’s about 7Kg’s. and is powered by a 12v battery. That’s the next bit to find a portable rechargeable battery that will run it…

I hear you say why not use a battery to tun the whole thing? It’s all about adjusting the power combination to derive maximum torque to send a 56 to 86 kg child around the park for over 25 kilometers. Mixing battery power with compressed air power is the way to do that according to my gut feeling.

Ray Gong of China Ningbo Lingsheng Electric Appliance CO.,Ltd. was back to me in less than 3 hours with a quote.

The price for 4024 was 7.75 EUR/set.
For there have been a long time since last order of this compressor, the price is not accurate now, I would give you the accurate price next workday.
He did it was:
As I confirmed with other dept. the price for 4024 has raised a bit it’s 7.86 EUR/set now.  Surely, it’s the best price.
This was quite good I thought, although I think we’d need to buy thousands of the little feckers at that price. Nevertheless as a responsible entrepreneur I wrote back:
Dear Ray,

Thanks a lot for your prompt response to my query. As the project is at such an early stage and we are simply costing the various components for a device that is merely at a feasibility stage I would not be in a position to begin any discussions regarding purchase requests for at least two to three months.

However the price is the best we’ve seen so far for this type of unit, and we have had a good look at the other portable compressor units on your web-site.  At that price we would certainly be interested in working with your company.

In the meantime would you be able to send me a PDF of the product data sheet for the 4024 and also perhaps the 4001, and the 4023 if you still stock these?

Our Engineer is interested in the portability of the units you have for sale, but she also needs to make some deeper calculations on the basis of pressure and power input.

Finally Ray I would be more than willing to pay for any costs, shipping and transport of a single sample of the either of the three I suggested above? Or if that’s not possible could you direct me to a web site where we can purchase a sample of them , for example a retailer in the UK? We would like to ascertain the suitability of the units for our purposes.

Again Ray thanks a lot for being so prompt, the price looks good, I am certain the quality of them is of the utmost standard, and I really do look forward to working with you in the near future.

Best regards

William O’Riordan

So the main part of the fuel generator, the compressor is coming in at a do-able 7.86 EUR/set

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