Missing pet phone broadcast system

Just saw a cute little dog wandering around the car park at our office. Obviously owned and loved by someone. Completely clueless too, as he was going up to everyone and wagging his tail at us.

So how do we let the owner know? I checked his collar and there was no number to call. This got me thinking.

If I was able to, I’d create a free app where a picture and a description of the missing dog could be relayed to everyone who has the app and is within a certain set of cellphone masts.

Select the area where you found or lost your pet and this would be broadcast to everyone who has that app within that specific area.

1 major sponsor would be enough. Pedigree chum or purina would be an obvious choice.

Might also be a public service sponsored app, in the case of missing people.

You could even open it up to broadcast all sorts of crap to people in your area.


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Abstraction-based Book summarization App for €0.99

Based on the ISBN, this system will summarise all content contained in the purchased document and create an abstract.

Too lazy to read the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine?  Type in the ISBN-13: 978-0199232178 into our cheap and cheerful app and bang heres a generous summary of the entire book. Maybe not as useful for Medical Students as it might be for School projects.

Copyright question may hinder the apps legality, because is a machine based summary of copyrighted material owned by the copyright holder? I dont think so, but I could be wrong.

The app would work like this. Buy the app and input the ISBN code. If someone else has purchased this summary then the summary is free to everyone else.

If it’s a new book that hasnt been processed, there will be an additional charge 0f €0.49 as this can be justified by the primary goal to summarize every book on the planet. It means that the more people who use the app and pay for one or 2 summaries the more free summaries will be available in the future.



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Electric prod device you wear to get you moving

The publishing sensation run fat boy run, or similar gave me this idea. A little electric unit clips onto the waistband of your running shorts and if you are not jiggling it about as you would when you run, the unit pumps a nice wallop of voltage up yer kayser.

Wayhay off you go again. No way to switch it off until you reach the end point and deactivate it.

StunPants 2000 might be the market entrant.


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Word shape generator

This would be a test for marketing and product branding people to consider what shape a word or phrase can be associated with in peoples brains.

Gestalt psychologist Wolfgang Köhler once devised an experiment asking what shape is in mind with the sound of a certain word.

One word was maluma

The other word was takete

The majority of the responsents in the test selected this shape


for the word maluma

and this shape


for takete

So we just need an interface where you type in the word and a shape is produced. Either at random or based on a very expensive algorithim.

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Round the World Ready Meals

A new shop that piles up thousands of ready meals from all around the world, laid out by continent and country.

This came from me wondering about picking up some M&S ready meals for my tea tonight but I would have to drive for like an hour to get to the nearest M&S. So I figured wouldnt it be great if you had a shop that just sold ready meals from all over the world in every town in the land. A bit like xTraVision, except for ready meals.

We’d of course have a website too.


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On Belief

Belief isn’t knowledge. Those who claim faith is what you need to believe, and this belief equals to truth, are all in a logical fallacy, because faith and belief are outside of the binary simplicity of truth. Truth can only be verified by knowledge. It doesn’t mean there is no God, but there is no actual knowledge of its existence. Based on that, a society that prescribes a social norm and an accepted morality based on what it believes as true is actually philosophically wrong to do so. The only knowledge one should believe in is that when you kill someone you forcibly stop their right to being. The right to be is based on the absolute fact you are aware.

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Automoton Cat or Dog food – moveable meat treats

Lady Gaga as petfood

Would you let your cat chase this automaton around?

There’s an ad on the telly right now, I think it’s on Channel 4 where they offer a clean bowl guarantee, which presumably would mean the animal will lick the bowl clean. How you could prove the animal left a few chunks of this tasty brown squidge, and reclaim your money is another discussion. It did get me thinking though!

Could we create carnivore animal food they have to chase around and catch in order to eat it. Gats love mice for instance. Coud we create mice shaped bites that are a “bugger” to catch? It would bring back a sense of the hunter killer instinct we’ve practically bred out now, (evidence that cats and dogs are becoming human is all over the internet.)

The challenge therefore is to devise a gyroscopic motor that’s constructed entirely from meat, and is totally edible.

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